The Farmhouse is Back!

The Farmhouse at Helsbury Park is available to rent from March 1st 2011. We’ve spent some time living on site overseeing the improvements to this stunning building as well as managing the build of our amazing pool facility. So if you’ve checked our calendar for 2011 and your week has already been booked, or you’ve stayed in the Farmhouse before then this is your chance to experience 5 star dog friendly luxury at its best. The Farmhouse has 3 double bedrooms and is beautifully spacious and luxurious. From the upstairs gallery, the bespoke kitchen to the breathtaking breakfast room overlooking the park, it really is something special. As well as an enclosed family garden there’s also a separate garden for your dog with a kennel.

Check the web site for more details of the Farmhouse or go straight to our Availability page.

From  Helsbury Park

Classic Boat design competition for Eco Fishing boat

James Wharram Designs from Devoran Cornwall win Classic Boat design competition for an Eco Fishing boat.

James Wharram Ethnic design, the 27ft Amatasi double canoe, was the only catamaran entry. The design is developed from the 21ft Tahiti Wayfarer design and inspired by the Ethnic canoe craft of the Pacific. The hull lines are derived from the fishing canoe hulls of Samoa (bonito canoe, Va’a alo or Amatasi) and similar canoes in the Society islands. They have very shallow draft and are easy to row and beach. The boat is steered with steering paddles. read full story on the Wharram blog here

Cornish Tree Treat.

Cornish Tree Treat

11am – 4pm Tuesday June 1st 2010

Woodland Valley Farm, Ladock.

With Great Trees of Cornwall – Gwydh Meur a Gernow.

A fun day for all the family to celebrate Cornwall’s Great Trees;

collect the free learning resources for schools and youth groups

Fun activities for all ages:

• Tree hunts and landscape trails

• Tree art and exhibitions

• Story-telling with Will Coleman

• Guess the age of the trees

• Try tree-hugging

• Wood working and tree advice stands

• Campfires, entertainment and refreshments

For further details:

(T) 01208 265276 / 07817 866105

Vision for the Future: The Age of Space-Solar Energy

‘First proposed by Dr. Peter Glaser in 1968, space-based solar technology can provide an inexhaustible, safe, pollution-free supply of energy and may offer a far more logical solution to current energy problems than petroleum or ethanol-based or even nuclear-fueled hydrogen systems.

The technology currently exists to launch solar-collector satellites into geostationary orbits around the Earth to convert the Sun’s radiant energy into electricity 24 hours a day and to safely transmit the electricity by microwave beams to rectifying antennas (rectennas) on Earth. Space-solar energy is the greatest source of untapped energy which could, potentially, completely solve the world’s energy and greenhouse gas emission problems.’

Read more: Vision for the Future: The Age of Space-Solar Energy