Mylor Harbourside host Cornish oyster festival

Enjoy the Oyster Event

Friday 25th, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th March

We’ll be hosting the annual Oyster Gathering and Seafood Harvest event, which is a great chance to sample the locally caught oysters with some other Cornish produce.

You can take a trip to join the oystermen on the water, experiencing life as part of the last remaining sailing oyster fleets – an experience that should not be missed!

Feeling brave? Try an oyster in its raw state, straight out of the shell, for an interesting culinary experience! Or taste some mouth watering oyster dishes from Arty Williams, Head Chef at the Cove Bar & Restaurant, Maenporth Beach.

Visit the Oyster Gathering & Seafood Harvest Event website

Classic Boat design competition for Eco Fishing boat

James Wharram Designs from Devoran Cornwall win Classic Boat design competition for an Eco Fishing boat.

James Wharram Ethnic design, the 27ft Amatasi double canoe, was the only catamaran entry. The design is developed from the 21ft Tahiti Wayfarer design and inspired by the Ethnic canoe craft of the Pacific. The hull lines are derived from the fishing canoe hulls of Samoa (bonito canoe, Va’a alo or Amatasi) and similar canoes in the Society islands. They have very shallow draft and are easy to row and beach. The boat is steered with steering paddles. read full story on the Wharram blog here

Mylor Harbourside – Cornish Native oysters

Enjoy the sights of the season
The oyster fishing fleet have been hard at work all winter and they still have a few months left of the season.
It is a quite a sight to see the traditional sailing boats dredging up and down the Carrick Roads in all kinds of weather! If you’ve not yet seen this parade it should be first on your list of things to do this winter.
We have apartments available and are still offering 4 nights for the price of 3 until the end of March. It’s an ideal opportunity to come and sort out your boat before the mad relaunch rush starts and you can treat the family to a break at the same time.
Meanwhile if the thought of all those fresh local oysters has whetted your appetite, why not have some delivered straight to your door!

Scientists say dolphins should be treated as ‘non-human persons’

Dolphin in Newquay Bay Cornwall

Dolphin in Newquay Bay Cornwall

Dolphins have been declared the world’s second most intelligent creatures after humans, with scientists suggesting they are so bright that they should be treated as “non-human persons”.

Studies into dolphin behaviour have highlighted how similar their communications are to those of humans and that they are brighter than chimpanzees. These have been backed up by anatomical research showing that dolphin brains have many key features associated with high intelligence.

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Deveron boat designers arrive at Anuta.

The Lapita Voyage has been competed. 4000Nm of arduous sailing, Hanneke Boon of James Wharram Designs in Deveron arrived back in Britain earlier this month. The video footage is of the arrival at Anuta, sister island to Tikopia, where the traditional hand made Polynesian based design catamaran was delivered by Hanneke and her son.

The Islands of Tikopia and Anuta, part of the Solomon Islands, are so remote that their only contact with the outside world is via a cargo ship that passes once every three months. The islanders once had ocean going catamarans of their own: there’s one surviving relic in a maritime museum in New Zealand that inspired Hanneke Boon to recreate an original copy called ‘Child of the Sea’ based on her studies of ancient Polynesian crafts, and gift it back to the people of the islands.

For more info about this epic voyage and the story behind it please visit: and

For more info on the amazing life of James Wharram and the history of the catermaran visit