Yellowhammer in a Cornish garden.

The Yellowhammer, once a common sight in Cornwall and England, is now on the RSPB’s red list of birds under threat. Red is the most critical, meaning a decline in numbers of 50% or more in the last 25 years.

Pair of Yellowhammers in Cornwall

These two visited the garden this morning and stayed for about half an hour, feeding on the range of plants and ‘weeds’ we’d purposely left for the finches.

What does a Yellowhammer eat?

  • Cereal, grasses (e.g. Meadow Grass, Fescue, Ryegrass), Common Nettle, Dock, knotgrass, Fat Hen, Common Chickweed, Mouse-ear, Bramble, Vetches, Clover, Forget-me-not, Dandelion, Knapweed, Sow-thistle, Yarrow, Plantains.

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