Wild Cornish applemint sauce.

Bude Meadows Touring Park, Bude, North Cornwall

Bude Meadows - a very well thought out touring park.

While staying at Bude Meadows Touring Park in the FTI Bus we walked the mile to Widemouth Bay up a country lane and foraged some fresh Cornish apple mint. Apple mint has a softer fluffier leaf than most of the mint family and whole leaves can be added straight to pot of black or green tea or eaten straight of the plant as a delightful mouth freshener.

Wild Cornish apple mint.

Wild Cornish apple mint.

Apple mint sauce.

1. Separate the upper most leaves from the stems (lower leaves tend to be tougher and dry).

2. Finely chop the leaves with small amount of granulated sugar , this helps break the leaves down and releases more of the flavour.

3. Mix chopped leaves with teaspoon of honey, a small amount of boiling water then add vinegar.

4. Store in an airtight jar in the fridge.

When using the sauce dilute with more vinegar of your choice.

Wild Cornish apple mint sauce.

Wild Cornish apple mint sauce.

Half a carrier bag of picked leaves made about 3 largeĀ  jars of sauce.

Took this photo in the field next to where the apple mint was growing, but decided against any further foraging!

Applemint and lamb.

"Leave that mint alone!"

More photos from the area here.

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