STIG Press Release MAY 2009



In recent months, some people have tried to suggest that the only choice for waste management in Cornwall is between landfill or incineration.

This misrepresentation has led to claims of crippling costs to taxpayers when the incinerator was refused planning permission.

This is not the case – there are other modern, clean and proven technologies for waste treatment such as anaerobic digestion and autoclave separation which would benefit the Cornish economy and the local environment, as well as providing far more jobs than the rejected incinerator ever would.

They could be up and running before 2012, which was the earliest the incinerator would have been operational.

In reality, there is a cost neutral window of opportunity that could allow Cornwall to opt for the best of technologies, instead of the worst, and make a profit.

A new solution to Cornwall’s waste needs to be found, as a matter of urgency.

STIG is already working with others, including Cornwall Sustainable Waste Network, Transition Cornwall Network and Enough is Enough campaigners, towards this end

Together we are determined that community will not be set against community in a manufactured contest between landfill and incineration. There is a better, fairer

way forward.

We hope that the new Council will protect and enhance Cornwall’s environment for the future, so STIG will be asking all councillors elected in June to work with local communities towards a decentralised and sustainable Waste Strategy for Cornwall which excludes Incineration and moves away from Landfill

Meanwhile STIG has written to ALL Council Candidates asking for their support in making this a priority, if elected.

Patricia Blanchard

STIG Secretary

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