What does it mean to be a Transition Town?

What does it mean to be a Transition Town?

Many people are asking this question. Many cities, towns, peninsulas; even islands around the world are declaring themselves to be “Transition Initiatives”. They know that there is hope in dealing with an uncertain future if communities  work together in building resilience and self-reliance as the world necessarily moves towards using much less fossil fuel.

These may seem empty words but there is now a film which brings meaning to them by showing some of the many ways in which groups of people around the world are working on this process.

Transition Helston and District will show this film, called “In Transition” on November 10th at 7.30pm at Helston Community College. The cost will be a nominal £1 on the door to go towards the price of the film.

Come along and watch the film and ask our local “Transitioners” what is  involved in  moving from oil dependence to local resilience.


John Marshall

Transition Helston and District

Tel: 07554 178 034

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