Davidstow wind farm – Turbines will ruin view of Bodmin twin peaks

ARE people in Cornwall fully aware of the impending ruination of the view of Roughtor and Brown Willy, the two highest peaks on Bodmin Moor?

We believe many in the Westcountry are unaware of the impact the proposed Davidstow wind farm will have on the skyline. The blades of the turbines will be almost level with the peak of Roughtor, and they may well be fitted with strobe lights.

If this development, on the boundary of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is allowed to proceed it could be used as a disturbing precedent and no beauty spot in the country will be safe. It is significant that eminent bodies including the National Trust and Natural England objected to the planning application on environmental and visual grounds.

Permission for this wind farm has been granted subject to conditions relating to air traffic control and bird welfare concerns. Meanwhile the Government Office South West has called a temporary halt to the scheme to consider “calling it in”. This would lead to a public inquiry at which the conflict between the need for sustainable energy and protection of major beauty spots can be properly debated.

If you wish to protect Bodmin Moor and the integrity of this special environment, whatever your stance on the viability of wind power, I urge you to write, giving your views, to: Tara Dickenson, Planning No. 2008/ 01432, Planning & Housing Delivery Team, Mast House, Shepherds Wharf, 24 Sutton Road, Plymouth PL14 0HJ.

I write, as chairman, on behalf of the committee of the Bodmin Moor and Camel Valley Protection Society, a registered charity working hard to protect Roughtor and the Moor. We have taken advice from counsel and understand that even if the application is not called in there may well be a legal remedy.

We are preparing to pursue this. We owe it to future generations to protect the integrity of this unique area.

William Butchart

Camel Valley and Bodmin Moor Protection Society

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  1. I never understand this, a green organisation, that when faced with having a green technology in their own back yard suddenly gets the NIMBY attitude, unless the intrusion is extreme, you should be supporting wind power, and I believe in this case it should be supported.


  2. >1. Dear Dave:

    Logically, anyone using the popular expression NIMBY does not have the power to think.

    If you let us have the full address of your back yard we will see if it is acceptable to these nice, honest, government funded windfarm developers.

    Judging by your comments, you probably do not even own a back yard.

  3. Dear David ,
    The term Nimby is almost always used by someone who backs wind power but has not studied the wind industry and therefore has no arguments for it when questioned . The British Wind Energy Association started using this expression and still falls back on it when all else fails, its a knee jerk reaction from people with false green aspirations, I suggest you check yours .

  4. Hi.
    Some local farmers are applying for turbines on the hill across the valley, how can we save this beautiful area?
    i dont know how to start to try and stop this.
    this will be just another beautiful area ruined.

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