Davidstow – no more windfarms

While few people disagree that Cornwall should work towards alternative forms of energy supply, the positioning of the planned wind farm at Davidstow is a pretty dreadful choice of location. Bodmin Moor is one of Cornwall’s special places and needs to be looked after for future generations as much as energy supplies do.






Those against 400 foot wind turbines on Bodmin Moor….

Advent Parish Council

Altarnun Parish Council

Camelford Town Council

Forrabury & Minster Parish Council

Lesnewth Parish Council

St Breward Parish Council

Friends Of The Earth

Cornwall Wildlife Trust



Cornwall Council’s Environment Protection Officer


Cornwall ‘County’ Council Living Environment

The Ramblers Association

Cornwall AONB Partnership

The National Trust

Open Spaces Society

Camel Valley and Bodmin Moor Protection Society

Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society

Cornwall Countryside Access Forum


Cornwall Council’s Own Planning Officers

East Cornwall Planning Committee

Neil Plummer, Chairman, Cornwall Council Strategic Planning Committee

Andrew Long, Mebyon Kernow Cornwall Council Councillor


Those who value the Bodmin Moor AONB free from domineering turbine clutter can join the demand for this appliction to be ‘Called In’ by the Secretary Of State by writing to:

Government Office of the South West regarding
Cornwall Council
application No. 2008/01432 tara.dickenson@gosw.gsi.gov.uk

Mrs Tara Dickenson
Planning and Housing Delivery Team
Mast House
Shepherds Wharf
24 Sutton Road

There is a guide format letter HERE

Join STINC facebook group here

  1. Hi,

    I notice that you list several businesses who are against the Davidstow Turbines.

    Please add my business to this list. By the way I am the Treasurer of Stop Turbines in North Cornwall.


  2. And here is a link to the position of The Camel Valley And Bodmin Moor Protection Society against the crazy bird and bat killing and landscape, skyline and horizon polluting megalomania of that misleadingly self-styled ‘Community’ Windpower Ltd company based in Cheshire:


    Here is a link to an excellent video showing Cornwall’s NATIONALLY IMPORTANT inland moorland Area Of Natural Beauty in all its splendid and spacious beauty in the recent snow:


    To help and support STINC and The Camel Valley & Bodmin Moor Protection Society and many others in their fight against this proposed turbine travesty right next to the Bodmin Moor AONB and for the latest updates go to:


  3. you should compare before and after shots of quarrys too.

    surely windfarms are better than a coal fired power station.

    Old school generation yet again making poor decisions for the future.

  4. Ed

    You appear to have no idea of how special that place is. Maybe you should get some knowledge and understanding before you spout in ignorance. Take a look at all those objecting to that particular proposal to intrude on that particular place in that particular way – quite diverse and interesting don’t you think?

  5. A load of nimby’s, what are we going to do with the current nuclear generators past their design lifespan, importing gas from Russia, and coal from all round the world, we are very vulnerable to forign government policy for our fuel. More nuclear?, more coal fired, or just wind farms on somebody elses front door.

  6. Oh no, not Cornwall too! In Tasmania (Australia) we have wind farms – ugly blots on the landscape. Deadly to birds, and for those poor souls who live near them it is hell – the endless whooshing noise. I hope you can stop the blasted things!

  7. Add my name to Davistow against windfarm, I live in Talskiddy and have just found out REG windpower are about to submit a planning application for 5 x 100m turbines directly overlooking our hamlet. I cant be accused of N.I.M.O.B.Y. ism as we have accepted with good grace the fifteen x 60m wind turbines that already span our hamlet. The proposed 5 x 100m new ones are to be sited in front of the existing 15 x 60m ones, totally ruining a beautiful hillside. Can anyone advise me the best way of objecting please ? and can you all give your support. With thanks. MARGARET CHARLESWORTH

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