Classic Boat design competition for Eco Fishing boat

James Wharram Designs from Devoran Cornwall win Classic Boat design competition for an Eco Fishing boat.

James Wharram Ethnic design, the 27ft Amatasi double canoe, was the only catamaran entry. The design is developed from the 21ft Tahiti Wayfarer design and inspired by the Ethnic canoe craft of the Pacific. The hull lines are derived from the fishing canoe hulls of Samoa (bonito canoe, Va’a alo or Amatasi) and similar canoes in the Society islands. They have very shallow draft and are easy to row and beach. The boat is steered with steering paddles. read full story on the Wharram blog here

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  1. As a product designer, I really appreciate this great design. The classic flowing lines and practical construction methods and ease of use are really appealing even to a novice sailor like me. Well done James. I look forward to perhaps owning such a fine craft myself one day

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