About SGC


Simply Green Cornwall was set up in Spring 2008 after an online debate by a group of forward thinking people in Cornwall who shared the common desire to preserve, conserve and sustain all that is unique and exceptional about Cornwall. From green BnBs to bush craft courses in remote woodlands to quality locally sourced products and services, Simply Green Cornwall is a showcase for the innovation, responsibility and idealism of some great people, businesses and organisations living in Cornwall.

SGC – looking after Cornwall.


The Site

Designed by FTI Cornwall, SGC is a user promoted platform and social media style network rolled into one.

Unlike many sites that promote Cornwall, SGC brings the web visitor’s experience closer to the individual members.

  • Facebook style messaging and conversations
  • Personal About page and an in-depth bio.
  • Individual Member’s blogs.
  • Twitter feeds.
  • External profile feeds.
  • Live video linking

Full members have greater access to the network, can post blog entries, add news, create polls and add in-depth definition, both business and personal, to the profile pages.

Each member has their own Video Chat facility which can be used for one-to-one video chat or large scale video conferencing.

SGC further publicises Full members via the FTI Cornwall network of web sites, blogs and social media accounts. Promoted members also have access to the SGC global Twitter account to announce their SGC posts; any posts announced this way, i.e. via @SimplyGreenNews will be retweeted via FTI Twitter accounts to maximise reach and exposure.






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